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Nico Lück

Reduced examples of “normal” class


Nico Lück, Margus Mägi

Inserted regular revision of document by Governance Committee


Nico Lück, Rachel Lawson, P.S. Ramkumar, Esther Ogunjimi, Moritz Fromageot, Ayush Shukla


Protection Need

Potential damage to GovStack Initiative or partners

(Def. See below)

Example cases (incl. Meetings)

Initially, it is up to the groups to decide the classification of information not yet listed here. However, in long-term, all groups in the category “normal” should consider to move into “non-classified/public”.

Tools we use in the GovStack project for this purpose

Non-classified/Public information

No damage expected


  • Overall deployment plan and roadmap

  • Events with GovStack participation

Governance Committee

  • Meeting and decision Minutes

  • Information on procurements which are also available in the respective web portals

Product Committee

  • Meeting and decision minutes

Technical Committee

  • Meeting and decision minutes

Working Groups (including Building Blocks but also things like Comms, Community etc)

  • Backlog of work

  • Source Code

  • Specs documents, use case definition by working groups. Including in-development versions.

Country Engagement (for comms purposes or digital public goods)

  • General status and backlog of cooperation with partner countries for communication purposes

  • Products like playbooks

  • Digital Readiness Studies

Confluence Public Areas

Jira Public Areas





Social Media


Damage impacts are limited and manageable.


Personnel non-contractual details of employees/ participants (contact details, email



Country Engagement Team

  • Work plan priorities, Activities to be done etc.

  • Playbook development

  • Work on Inception Reports

  • Meeting Minutes

Founding partner meeting (closed Governance meeting)
  • The Founding Partners may wish to release a version of the summary/meeting minutes of the closed Governance meeting for general consumption in the Public


space, keeping the whole project up to date with their decisions.

Communications and Events

  • Event photos taken at initiative meetings

  • List of event participants (names etc.)

Partnership Management (Private and public sector)

  • Meeting minutes of calls with private companies

Confluence Restricted Areas

Jira Restricted Areas


MS Teams direct Chat


The damage effects can be considerable.

Founding partner meeting (closed Strategic Governance meeting)

  • Information to coordinate partners on financial, HR, strategy or donor matters.

  • Personal contractual details

  • Country engagement strategic priorities/constraints

  • Report on planned or active procurements

  • Travel plans in fragile contexts

  • Coordination with local implementers in fragile contexts, e.g. Somalia

  • Contracts of the founding partner with third parties, e.g. EU

Partnership Management (Donors)

  • Priorities of partners

Country Engagement

  • Status of engagement with new countries to be involved into GovStack

  • Description of the Actions, IDGC

  • Code of Conduct Team

  • Meeting Notes

Communications and Events

  • Event photos taken at initiative meetings

  • List of event participants (names etc.)

GIZ MS Teams


Very High

The damage effects can reach an existentially threatening, catastrophic extent

Personal information of target group (e.g. political activists)

Sensitive personal data sets for testing purposes (e.g. real data from partner systems)

GovStack does not process this class of information