Frontend Framework

Selection of the front-end framework is based on the current trends, the development experience and the developer’s personal bias ( @Priit Puru ).

React itself is only a view library and very unopinionated, giving us a lot of flexibility while building our front-end applications. How to manage state, requests and so on is up to the developer with widely used patterns, packages and best practices available.

Due to the unopinionated nature of React, it's ecosystem of modules and options is huge - state management, request management, styling, metaframeworks.

Personally I believe getting started with React is also quite easy on a basic level, because it doesn’t come with too much out of the box, meaning less buy-in to the the whole platform as a whole but still leaving decisions open for when they are needed.

In addition, at the time of writing, it is the most popular front-end framework out there. Surveys by StackOverflow and State of JS show that React has high usage and great retention.

Google Trends over the past 12 months for terms “Angular jobs“, “Vue jobs“ and “React jobs“ show a clear winner in React.

NPM trends showing how downloads in the past year of React eclipse that of Angular and Vue: