Payments BB Specs 1.1.0 Release Notes - October 2023

Terminology Updates:

New terminologies have been introduced in the document, including: "Billers," "Aggregators," "Payer," and "Payee."

Functional Requirements:

Enhancements have been made to the P2G (Person to Government) requirements, now encompassing the billers table, aggregator, and Payer Financial Institutions. These updates aim to refine the specifications necessary for executing payments from individuals to governments.

Data Structures:

A new addition in this section is the "Billers Table," curated for the essential fields pertinent to a biller's table used in the new P2G workflows.

Service APIs:

Multiple APIs have been revised and enhanced with additional endpoints. The updates encompass:

  • Onboarding to the Account Mapper:

    • Register_Beneficiary_Response

    • Register_Beneficiary

    • Update_BeneficiaryDetails

    • Update_BeneficiaryDetails_Response

  • Bulk Disbursement:

    • PrePayment_Validation

    • PrePayment_Validation_Response

    • BulkPayment

  • Voucher APIs:

    • VoucherPreActivation

    • VoucherActivation

    • VoucherStatus

    • VoucherCancellation

    • VoucherRedemption

    • BatchVoucherActivation

Note: The Voucher Redemption API may operate synchronously to ensure the delivery of prompt and reliable responses to the initiating clients, whether users or systems.

  • New P2G APIs:

    • billInquiryBiller

    • markBillPayment

    • BillerRtpReq

    • billerRtpResp

    • rtpStatusUpdate

Internal Workflows:

Significant updates have been made to the internal workflows to accommodate P2G bill payment flows. The enhancements include:

  • Workflows supporting biller onboarding – envisioned as a one-time activity on the Payments BB.

  • The incorporation of workflows for linking the Payer Financial Institutions (PFI) with the Payments BB for bill payments.

  • Implementation of workflows for Bill Inquiry & Bill Payment Updates via the Payment BB.

  • Additional flows introduced are:

    • ·        Push Payment Flow integrated with Bill Inquiry Flow.

    • ·        Payer Financial Institution (PFI) – Customer Bill Payment Flow.

    • ·        P2G Bill Payment via Request to Pay (RTP) Flow.

    • ·        P2G Bill Payment with Voucher.