The Communications group is primarily focused on building and protecting GovStack’s brand. We want to ensure that our brand is represented externally in a way that reflects our credibility and expertise.

This includes: social media content; brand assets like graphics and slides; communication materials such as one-pagers, presentations, and videos; how we present ourselves at events; and anything that is published on our website.

GovStack Communications Key Objectives:

  1. Position GovStack as the go-to resource for national digital transformation focused on digital public infrastructure

  2. Expand our community of participants, contributors, and advocates who amplify our message and influence

What we can help you with:

Have an idea for a blog or thought leadership piece? Please engage with us early and often so we can collaborate on the best way to tell your story.

Need a GovStack one-pager in preparation for a meeting with a potential partner? Let us know what you need as soon as possible! We may have something already ready for you to use (see Resources below) or, with sufficient time, we can help customize something.

Invited to speak at an event? Please engage with us early and often so we can collaborate on the best way to tell our story.

Your Communications Team:

Arielle Diamond (DIAL) -

Ayush Shukla (ITU) -

Farina Owusu (GIZ) -

Martha Mundas (GIZ) -

The team meets every Wednesday to run through our priorities and actions. Anyone is welcome to review our meeting notes here or join a session with us to help ideate an activity.


What it is

Where it can be used


What it is

Where it can be used




Key announcements

Copy and graphics that can be used to help promote major announcements


2024 Events Tracker

A list of the events we will be hosting or participating in for 2023


GovStack Messaging Framework 2024.docx

Contains an “elevator pitch” version of our value proposition, tailored messaging for our key audiences, and USPs for GovStack products and offerings


Template for Comms Input

Explains how to request a social media post from the official GovStack channels.

Should also be used as a checklist for how to post from your personal channels about GovStack

Internal / External

One Pagers

Branded hand-outs to help introduce someone to GovStack, tailored to different audiences


Event Signage

Branded and editable signage that can be used for GovStack hosted events (printed locally)


Brand materials

The folder contains GovStack logos, partner logos, branded banners, etc.


Merchandise designs

designs for bags, t-shirts, pens, etc. that can be sent to local producers for events, meetings, etc.


Horn of Africa communication guidelines

Guidelines for use of logos in any Horn of Africa work


Communications assets inventory

A list of the above and other comms assets, with easy-access links


Social media editorial calendar

SM editorial calendar, beginning June 2023 through 2024