Changelog - Consent Building Block

Final releases are announced here:

2.0.0 (planned)

Under planning

1.1.0 (in development)


  • Mock application covering all endpoints and schemas with a varying degree of mocking (CON-15 CON-39)

    • Hash algorithm is SHA-1

    • Signatures use PGP

    • The mock application is a containerized Django application that is auto-generated from the openapi.yaml spec, with some manual overrides.

  • Fixtures / example data for mock application (CON-140)

  • Gherkin tests for API endpoints (CON-17)

OpenAPI changes

  • Required and non-required schema fields possible (CON-128)

  • Required and non-required endpoint parameters possible (CON-128)

  • API endpoints: Certain URL parameters named just schemaName are now labeled schemaNameId. (see Pull Request: CON-15: Final steps in test configuration)

  • API endpoints: Ambiguous URL parameters simply named id are now consistent with TMF guidelines, i.e. schemaNameId (CON-142)

  • API endpoint label consistency updates (CON-142)

  • Schema change: Renamed some fields from hash to serialized_hash and made descriptions clearer (PR#54)

  • Schema change: Added agreement_revision_hash to ConsentRecord (PR#54)

  • API endpoints added: /service/individual/record/ (GET) and /service/individual/record/agreement/{agreementId}/all/ (GET) (PR#54)

  • API Endpoint removed: /service/individual/record/agreement/ (GET) (PR#54)

  • API endpoint query parameters moved to requestBody OpenAPI specification (CON-153, details in PR#58)

  • API endpoints that do a LIST operation now have both GET and POST in cases where filtering is possible (PR#58)

  • Schema change: PolicyFilter removed (PR#58)

  • API endpoints have revisionId as query parameter to fetch specific revisions of Agreement and other revisioned objects (PR#57)

  • Schema change: Possibility to store Signature and revision objects for unsaved database objects (CON-152, details in PR#57) - new fields Revision.signed_without_object_id and Signature.signed_without_object_reference.

  • Removed schema and endpoints for AuditTracker (we'll be using generic webhooks for such purposes) (CON-161)

  • Removed schema and endpoints for AgreementPurpose (this is now stored directly in the Agreement.purpose field, rather than in a separate relation) (CON-163)

  • API endpoints related LIST operations now use named query parameters for filtering.

  • API endpoint URL paths use hyphens as a convention, consentrecord replaced with consent-record.

  • API schema fields are now named with camelCase instead of snake_case. (CON-180, PR#64)

Specification changes

  • Updates to Terminology section: Consistency across specification and Gherkin scenarios (several smaller changes as part of CON-14)

  • "Consent management" is replaced with other more accurate expressions (CON-68)

  • “Internal Workflows” largely rewritten with notable changes and details added to universal workflows (CON-109)

  • Several smaller quality improvements in terminology and language.


  • A new script with commands to assist development in terms of launching tests, generating mock application and OpenAPI yaml.

1.0.0 (2023-05-25)

First public release.