Gitbook UI and change approval process training


To enable the maximum number of people to collaborate on the building of the GovStack Specifications, and other materials for the GovStack project, in a controlled manner, we store the content in GitHub ( and use a tool called Gitbook ( to manage it.

By the end of this training, you will;

  • Understand how the GovStack project organizes and approves changes to the GovStack Specifications

  • Propose changes to the specifications via the GitBook UI

  • Propose changes to the specifications via GitHub Pull Requests, if you prefer that method.

There are two training videos here, the first is of basic “how to propose a change using GitBook” and a second one for Building Block Leads and others who need to approve proposed changes and merge them into our main work.

How to edit and propose a change to the documentation

This training is for everyone

Main training video


Alternative recording for reference
Alternative recording for reference


How to approve change requests and merge them into the documentation

This traiing video is especially for Building Block Leads and those they nominate to approve the change requests of others and merge them into the documentation.



For those who find the source slides useful

Further GitBook Training resources

We have conducted a number of other training sessions on GitBook and its use in GovStack and the recordings are available below. These are not required viewing but might provide extra knowledge people find useful.