How-To Contribute a Reference Use Case

This How-To details how to engage with the Product Committee to define a new reference use case or change an existing one. For the purposes of this document, submitting a new use case and submitting a change to an existing use case are synonymous.


  1. Submit - Contact the Product Committee on Slack or email ( to submit the reference use case. Note the Use Case Template page defines the type of reference use case that the GovStack is looking for as well as the structure to follow.

  1. Evaluate - Once received, a member of the Product Committee will be assigned to review the use case. The person will evaluate the use case and share a recommendation about whether it should be incorporated at the core level during a Product Committee meeting

  2. Track - If the use case will be incorporated, a Jira task will be created to track any related work and a new product use case draft created on Gitbook

  3. Discuss / Work - The product committee (and optionally any required SMEs from the technical committee) will review the use case and draft either a new use case or changes to an existing use case. The document status is initially set to Drafted and then Review once the changes are ready to review. Collaborative editing will be done on Gitbook in document drafts

  4. Approve - Once the draft changes are complete, the product and technical committees will review the addition/changes and, once satisfied, approve them. The status of the use case document will be changed to Approved

  5. Handover - The technical committee will take use case and create or update the technical specifications for any affected building blocks

  6. Publication - Approved use cases will be published once the building block work is completed as part of a GovStack release