GovStack Building Blocks January monthly meeting


Nov 22, 2022


  • @Martinez, Yolanda

  • @Shukla, Ayush

  • @Nico Lueck

  • Wei-Chung Hwang

  • @Esther Ogunjimi

  • @Josephine Lusi

  • Stephen Grier

  • Tonis Pihlakas

  • @Tarek Rashed

  • @Ravi Prakash V

  • @Sujith Nair

  • Aare

  • @Margus Mägi

  • @Jürgen Niinre

  • @Rachel Lawson (Unlicensed)

  • Georgina Etulain

  • @Valentina Stadnic (Unlicensed)

  • @Caroline Mulligan

  • @Farina Owusu

  • Daniel Homorodean

  • Geroen Joris

  • @Sainabou Jallow

  • Rob Turner

  • @Tasnim Sultana

  • @Farina Owusu

  • @ewheeler

  • @Laurence Berry

  • @Aleksander Reitsakas

  • @Betty Mwema

  • @Sarah Farooqi

  • @Vikash Madduri

  • @kadio.kassy

  • Christophe Nkurunzizaa

  • @Jaume DUBOIS

  • Riham Fakhry

  • Sreepath


  • Dani Jgm (Argentina)

  • @Steve Conrad

  • @Taylor Downs

  • Oscar Correia

  • @debabrata.sarkar (Unlicensed)

  • @Md. Abdul Muttalib Hossain

  • @Martin Karner

  • Brahmananda jha


  1. SandBox update

  2. Country engagement update

  3. WGs update - 5 mins/group, be ready with talking points

Presentation from the monthly meeting

Recording from the monthly meeting

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@Nico Lueck

GovStack Sandbox…​

  • makes the GovStack approach tangible. It is the key tool to raise awareness and educate people on the benefits.​

  • is an isolated, safe environment simulating a small governmental e-service system (reference implementation)​

  • encapsulates the business logic and data necessary to represent multiple GovStack (APIs, BB, use cases and workflows)​

  • follows the GovStack architectural approach centered around APIs and microservices to help unlock monolithic legacy systems to increase the speed of IT project delivery, leading to more effective and cost-efficient digital governments​

More information on Scope of work, personas and user stories can be found on this page:  Current activities:

  1. Onboarding provider of BB applications​

  2. Setting up deployment infrastructure and hosting environment​

  3. Finalizing use case flow of first use case: Unconditional Social Cash Transfer​

  4. Start building contextual UI of the Sandbox​

Country Engagement

@Martinez, Yolanda

GovStack Country implementation:GovStack support countries in accelerating their digital transformation through a whole of government approach according to their context & needs .

Link to Country Implementaiton Playbook:

Link to Country Implementation documentation on Counfluence:


@Tarek Rashed

Our progress

  • We are coming close to complete the scoping stage, hopefully by the end of this month, our team had screened several candidate use cases and voted to focus on Azure IIS based incident management system because it's country has some sort of emergencies you have to respond to. So to demonstrate the core GIS building blocks function, we are also contemplating or accepting as our use cases maybe in the future. But right now we're focusing on the GIS.

  • Our high level logical journey is been split into four major steps

    • how to respond to an emerging

    • how to report an emergency

    • how to dispatch resources to emergency

    • how to manage the incident, and then

    • how to close the case.

  • We are now very close to finalize the logical process blueprints and related services in each of these steps and once completed and bitted, we will be moving to the next step, which is related to scenario service calls, in terms of our pin point, I guess our main challenge has been so far engaged all team members. They have been engaged in a way or another but not fully engaged. That has been a challenge to encourage them to be engaged all the way. And we are also trying to bring in some more volunteers to help us.


@Sujith Nair


  • @Sujith Nair from India

  • @Ravi Prakash V

  • @Caroline Mulligan

  • @Vikash Madduri

  • @Umesh Mohanty

  • @Mohamed ElGendy

  • @Ibrahim Elbhery

  • @nsanie (Unlicensed)

  • @Rezwanul Haque Jami (Unlicensed)

  • @Sohel Rana (Unlicensed)

  • @Gavin Hayman

  • @Ben Vandersteen (Edu)

Closing the scoping

Wants from e-MArketplace Working Group:

  • Suggest any other interesting use cases

  • We can get started with the whole sandbox side of implementation for emarketplace that's probably structure we've been struggling in the middle somewhere December in terms of getting use cases and getting a feel of what the e-marketplaces is typically do across the world.

  • We're going to pick up some speed in the coming month and reach out to some of the other building block teams as well.


@Laurence Berry


  • To build specifications for design system that has front end user interface components and elements, workflows that will be used by the different programs or projects or services actually using the building blocks

  • Scope: we've broken into 4 phases and we're probably only really gonna focus on phase one and two.

    • Phase 1: front end elements required

    • Phase 2: defining flows for common user journeys

    • Phase 3: guidance out into something that could be

    • Phase 4: GovStack front-end APIs


  • Want to work with building blocks who are implementing our output on frameworks that building for their building block and also to access their materials that definitely will come handy when you're putting together the the design system because we want consistency.

  • We need technical resources to make it easy for the BBs to implement the design system.

  • Improve how we engage in our own team, Sprint planning, putting collaboration and bringing everyone together so that we can work on this.

  • We will need a front end developer or a designer as well, especially in the last final phases of the of the scope as we mentioned.

 Action items

Action Items

Responsable party


Action Items

Responsable party


Prepare 5 minute participation for the coming month’s meeting

@Mathlouthi, Walid @sasi

February technical monthly meeting

Prepare and keep updated the Jira radmaps and confluence pages

All Working Group Leads

@Mathlouthi, Walid


@Laurence Berry

@Sujith Nair

@Tarek Rashed

Feb 3, 2023

Review and evaluate the needs shared by working group leads


@Steve Conrad

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@Nico Lueck

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Feb 17, 2023