Partnerships Model

Why do we need a Partnership Model?

  • Orientation : Firstly, it provides an orientation process for partners who wish to actively engage and "be a part of the journey" alongside the existing GovStack structure. This orientation helps them understand the goals, values, and strategies in order to align their efforts effectively.

  • Incentives : Secondly, the Partnership Model will offer incentives to attract and encourage new partners to join and provide support. These incentives can include funding the GovStack activities, access to resources or networks, collaborating for country implementations or the chance to engage with like-minded individuals or organizations.

  • Acknowledgement : Lastly, the Partnership Model ensures that the contributions made by partners are duly acknowledged. Recognizing their efforts and contributions not only promotes a sense of appreciation and satisfaction but also fosters a strong and long-lasting partnership.


How can we make use of the Partnership model as an Initiative?

As GovStack Initiative, there are several ways we can effectively utilize the Partnership Model.

  • One key aspect is implementing a decision tree that streamlines the decision-making process, thereby expediting the pace at which decisions are made. This helps ensure that partners can swiftly navigate through various options and reach resolutions efficiently.

  • Another important aspect is empowering each partner to initiate new partnerships. By granting this authority, we encourage active involvement and participation from all partners, fostering a collaborative environment where new ideas and connections can be formed. This inclusivity enhances the overall effectiveness and reach of the Initiative.

  • Furthermore, the Partnership Model serves as a visual representation of our shared understanding of how we engage with partners and identifies areas where additional support may be needed. It provides a clear and concise framework that encapsulates our collective approach to partnerships, enabling us to effectively communicate and align our strategies and actions.

In summary, by incorporating the Partnership Model within our Initiative, we can accelerate decision-making processes, empower partners to initiate new partnerships, and visualize our collaborative approach, ultimately enhancing the overall success and impact of our endeavors.