Capacity Development


Capacity-building activities are intended to support the transition to digital government services by various stakeholders. The core audience are digital teams in governments who aim to digitize their government services. Learning opportunities within the GovStack framework are placed on the continuum between easy access & available for a broad audience and on the other side customized and specific to a small audience.  



  1. GovStack Implementation Playbook 

A centerpiece of strengthening e-government capacities to implement the GovStack and whole-of-government approach is the GovStack Implementation Playbook. The GovStack Implementation Playbook is an extension of the SDG Digital Investment Framework that provides a step-by-step guide on incorporating a BB approach at the level of institutional governance, ICT policy, citizen-centric co-design & delivery of government digital services as referred to in the GovStack Implementation Framework2. The Playbook is a Digital Public Good and can be accessed via Gitbook.  


2. E-Learning opportunities on atingi 

 The objective of e-learning opportunities is to deliver capacity-building materials in text, audio, video or animation as well as knowledge assessment elements online any easyly accessible for a bigger audience. These materials will help GovStack partner countries in understanding the GovStack approach and it´s context. The content provided will not be limited to an overview to GovStack but also provide insights into specific Building Blocks and skills to be used by digital teams implementing the Building Block approach.  

Progress and status quo of course development can be found in the Artefact tracker.

E-Learnigns we currently have on offer (12/2023):

  • GovStack 101

  • Information Mediator BB

  • IDentity BB



  1. Exchange Formats  

GovStack aspires to become a global knowledge hub for the digitization of government services. Close interaction with digital government leaders across the world assures quality of GovStack’s activities. 

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are topic related or regional exchange forums to share knowledge and experiences related to GovStack approach. They are designed for government professionals and stakeholders involved in the development and implementation digital government services in different capacities -  prom pracitioners to policy makers and researchers. This format serves as a collaborative platform where members can come together to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. 

The Digital Leaders Forum is another established exchange format, where CiOs or other Digitization experts from governments come together to come together and share best practices and learnings from the implementation of a bulding block approach. While there are e-government conferences, there is no regular global exchange on the use of building blocks in digital government services. The GovStack Digital Leaders Forum fills this gap. It provides digital changemakers a platform to learn, showcase and network.  


  1. Synchronous trainings (in person or virtually)

The overall learning objective of trainings in partner countries is to increase the understanding of digital teams and IT practitioners (of partner governments) understanding of the GovStack approach as well as functions of foundational building blocks.    

The target group is constituted primarily of Senior ICT practitioners of Government Ministries and Departments including their deputies. The training will also target representatives from government agencies following the principle of inclusiveness with the objective of growing the capacity on the building block approach to development of digital services.  The training sessions which are offered regularly are the introductory training as well as the GovStack deep dive. Other trainings are offfered in focus countries based on the needs and interests of the respective country.

An outlook for trainings in the upcomung months can be found in the training calendar.

Please note: Reference documents for in-person trainings (including agenda) can be found here in Sharepoint.

Training opportunities we currently offer:

  • Introductory Session GovStack

  • GovStack framework & architecture training (longer version)

  • Introductory Session for specific BB

  • Prioritisation WS

  • Service Design (As is and To be User Journey)

  • Building Block Block Deep Dives

  • Digital Principles Training

  • Women in GovTech

  • Trainings tailored to specific country needs.



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