2022-09-21 - Use Case Management


Sep 21, 2022


  • @Wes Brown

  • @Steve Conrad

  • @Jake Watson

  • @Esther Ogunjimi (Unlicensed)

  • @Sarah Farooqi

  • @Sherman Kong (Unlicensed)

  • @nashcroft (Unlicensed)

 Discussion topics





Review current process (Catalog and GovStack)

Product Catalog

  • Extracted from the SDG 2019 document

  • Focused on business process level, less tech-focused than GovStack use cases

  • Use cases → Use Case Steps → Workflows → BB

  • Stored as HTML, edited with an WYSIWYG editor

  • No support for versioning, currently

  • Questions/Comments

    • Jake: How do we allow versioning while also enabling commenting and an overall documentation process?



Upcoming Changes to Product Catalog (Sarah)

  1. Group use cases by sector

  2. Reduced focus on product as primary entry-point

  3. Simplified use case and navigation

  4. Use case steps can connect to more technical documentation (GS-level stuff)

  5. Reuse and improve Use Case steps

    • This implies some ability to create a “Template” for use cases and use case steps

  6. Make it easy for users to request and BAs to add use cases

  7. Make use case steps workable for technical users

    • Perhaps reuse the work already done in gitbook and/or allow editing directly in that system

  8. MEL & Communications


Has created a template for use case definition

Definition of a “Use Case”

PC and GS have different perspectives on this

Countries/Communities may also have differences as well

Potential Risks

Many many many different formats and types of use cases coming in

  • Sherman: We are in a good position to define the format and type for these use cases

  • Sarah: Can a study be done to “pre-identify” use cases to help give structure when country teams are doing an analysis

    • Helpful to be able to keep things coming back to the the reference use cases

  • Jake: Get started as best we can, utilized the Product Committee as the place where these processes can be optimized over time based on feedback

Feedback could be lost over time if the proper tools are not used

Discuss ideas for managing and versioning use cases (and other related entities?)


Random Questions

Is there a common (and open) use-case syntax/format?

Jake: Do we also need to include things like the User Journey and other related things from the ITU (for example)?

Jake: Would it be helpful to work backward from an existing BB (ID, other DPIs) and see if the use cases are appropriate/accurate

Jake: Are we able to get the entire framework into gitbook?

 Action items

@Wes Brown Discuss with Jaume (sp) about reviewing the Use Cases for ID given the real-world work that has happened
@Steve Conrad Look into how much work it would be to incorporate GS use case content into the catalog (or as a front-end)
@Wes Brown Share Use Case Research in upcoming Product Committee


  1. Continue this discussion in the Product Committee