2022-12-02 - Review and publication of Building Blocks Specifications

Warm greetings folks

Please find below the workload split as agreed over the call on Dec 2, 2022

Final proofreadinghttps://govstack-global.atlassian.net/browse/RWA-19: to detect/correct any final errors (e.g., broken links, typos, wrong sentences, numbering issues, etc.). 3 volunteers: @Shukla, Ayush , @Nico Lueck , and @Wes Brown . Deadline: Mid-January 2023. This is to ensure that we can publish a “draft” of missing BB specs by mid-January max.
Technical editinghttps://govstack-global.atlassian.net/browse/GOV-645: focusing on formatting issues, consistency across BBs, ensuring that content presented under each section is relevant to the section, fixing ordering, etc. ITU will identify a technical writer. Deadline: End March 2023 towards a V1 of specs. The technical writer to work with @PSRAMKUMAR and @Wes Brown to provide him/her with guidance
Improving BB templatehttps://govstack-global.atlassian.net/browse/GOV-646: @Wes Brown to add additional input into the BB template to ensure that the same inconsistencies are not replicated for wave 3 BB. Deadline: Mid-January 2023. @PSRAMKUMAR to provide a link to the BB template to @Wes Brown if needed.
Community engagement strategy: Rachel to provide a draft community engagement strategy to work on substance and content matters. GitHub is willing to support or provide input/feedback on strategy if applicable. Can you pls @Rachel Lawson (Unlicensed) let know the deadline for sharing a first draft?
BB specs editing process: @Rachel Lawson (Unlicensed) to suggest in the strategy above an end-to-end process to capture, review, approve and publish input from community members. Deadline: same as community strategy above.